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Batch PSD to JPG is a free Adobe Photoshop PSD to JPG image converter

There are occasions when PSD are required to be converted to JPG before being put to use. This can be achieved by using the Batch PSD to JPG 1.5 tool. This tool, Batch PSD to JPG 1.5, is a free Adobe Photoshop PSD to JPG image converter.

This software can convert an individual file as well as a complete batch. It converts PSD designs or flatten multi layer PSD design to JPG formats. The advanced options allow the user to resize and remain the files simultaneously. The same applies for a batch as well.

In addition to being a simple interfaced image converting tool, the features help the user to get the desired output. The ease by which the individual files and a batch can be added and queued for converting is really impressive. The files to be converted can just be dragged and dropped, they can also be given priorities and after adjusting the settings for the output, the converter is ready to begin.

The files to be converted can be quickly previewed by selecting them from the converting pane. The dimensions of the image can be changed when the file is being added for conversion. If the user wishes, he/she can also rename the complete batch.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Batch renaming possible


  • Image quality is not too good when the dimensions are changed
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